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Sealcoating Crack Filling Line Striping Paving



  • Rely on our many years of experience for expert guidance in choosing the best pavement management solution for your property.
65 years of Jennite
  • You can trust us since we are part of the national network of insured and trained Jennite application experts; avoid the risk of using unproven contractors.
  • As a Jennite contractor, we are equipped to complete your projects efficiently and ensure superior results using consistent, high-quality products and standardized specifications.
  • Jennite delivers the longest lasting asphalt pavement protection with the lowest annualized cost as well as the advantage of being a fully deductible maintenance expense.


  • Prolong the life of your asphalt pavement and expect over three times the wear life with Jennite's high solids formula.
  • Protect and preserve your pavement and defy the elements with Jennite's tough, tight waterproof seal.
  • Avoid costly repairs, reduce maintenance expenses and minimize business interruptions with Jennite's long lasting protection.
  • Jennite provides a seamless, skid-resistant even- textured surface, recreating that rich, black "brand new" look. Your pavement will be safer and easier to clean.

Jennite Abrasion Test

Engineering and Design

  • Non-vulcanized, high molecular weight polymer is hot blended into the resin base of Jennite prior to emulsification. This unique process increases resistance to oil, gasoline, chemicals and salt.
Jennite Protection
  • Jennite's rubberized binder is reinforced with geotextile fibers, which increase strength and resistance to cracking and raveling.
  • Refined ceramic clays enable Jennite to be applied at full strength providing maximum thickness and protection against destructive water penetration and UV rays, keeping your pavement blacker longer.
  • Jennite predates and exceeds the composition and performance standards of ASTM, the FAA, the Air Force and Federal Spec. RP-355.
  • Jennite is the only product that meets the material requirements of USGS-02788N: Unified Facilities Guide Specification.

Licensed Contractors

  • For maximum performance, pavement sealer must be applied properly. Only experience and reputable contractors are trained and licensed to apply the Jennite Surfacing System. Clynes, Inc. is one of the very few in New England that are licensed through Jennite!
  • Jennite collaborates with Clynes, Inc. to continually update technical information and application techniques.
  • For your protection, Jennite pre-qualified contractors receive an applicator license number. They are also bonded, and carry liability and workmen's compensation insurance. Clynes' license number is # 278.
  • We meet state and local permit regulations and are trained to comply with environmental and OSHA regulations.